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Encoder | GMI® Rotary | GMI-ROT-055-A11-ST

GMI® Rotary Encoder: Precision Unleashed

image of Encoder GMI-ROT-055-A11

Make your application stand out with a precise, versatile, all-in-one solution.

Experience precision like never before with the GMI® Rotary Encoder by FLUX. This all-in-one solution delivers high accuracy, repeatability, and resolution for standout performance in any application. Powered by FLUX's patented GMI® technology, it ensures hysteresis-free, absolute precision with robustness in a compact design. Elevate your applications effortlessly with the GMI® Rotary Encoder—where versatility meets unmatched precision.


  • Plug-n-play
  • No field calibration required
  • Wide mounting tolerances
  • High accuracy


  • Low installation cost
  • Low integration effort
  • Easy installation

System Data

TypeAxial, frameless, true absolute Giant Magneto Impedance encoder GMITechnology-FLUX GmbH proprietary
Standard Resolution21 bits
ENOB in entire mounting tolerance range20 bits
High Accuracy±36”, ±0.010°, ±175µrad
Standard Accuracy±50”, ±0.014°, ±244µrad
Repeatability1 resolution count
Position update rate and signal latencyReal-time
Power-up Timemax. 0.8 sec

Electrical Data

Supply voltageOptionAV:min.4.35Vdc.max.36Vdc
Reverse polarity protectionyes
Current Consumptionmax. 150 mA @ 25 Vdc, max. 140 mA @ 24 Vdc

Mechanical Data

Stator Base MaterialStainless steel (option-ST) CTE~10ppm/°C Aluminum (option-AL) CTE~24ppm/°C
Stator Weight45.22 g
Rotor Base MaterialStainless steel (option-ST) CTE~10ppm/°C Aluminum (option-AL) CTE~24ppm/°C
Rotor Weight15.80 g
VibrationEN 60068-2-6, 20 g, 55 .. 2000 Hz
ShockEN 60068-2-27, 200 g, 6 ms

Mounting Tolerances

Nominal Axial (air-gap)0.30 mm
Axial Tolerance-0.20 mm, +0.50 mm
Radial Tolerances0.20 mm

Environmental Data

Temperature Range - Standard Operating-20°C .. +85°C
Temperature Range - Standard Storage-20°C .. +85°C
Temperature Range - Extended Operating-40°C .. +105°C
Temperature Range - Extended Storage-55°C .. +125°C
Ingress ProtectionIP67
EMC Immunitycomplies with EN IEC 61000-6-2
EMC Emissioncomplies with EN IEC 61000-6-4

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