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FORJ or Fiber Optic Rotary Joints aims at transferring optical signal from a fixed structure to a rtotating one without twisting the fiber and while ensuring optimal performance. There are as much FORJ types as there are different types of optical fiber, several parameters may change as fiber material, fiber type (singlemode or multimode), wavelength or jacket and connectors. Each FORJ can be tailored to the corresponding application needs.

Fiber optics based solution are more and more common in the general industry for many reasons. Fiber optic based transmission offers higher data rates that copper ones while being immune to electromagnetic interference. Optical Rotary Joints release the optical link from its mechanical constraints while maintaining the above-mentionned benefits. FORJ can reach rotating speeds up to 2000rpm for single-channel models (1 fiber) or 400 rpm for multi-channel ones (up to 50 fibers in a single rotary joint).

FORJ can be used for video signal transmission through brushless motors in camera turrets, but also for sensors signal tranmission exposed to electrmagnetic fields such as generators (wind turbine) or electrical motors environment (mobile structures). They can be combined with electrical slip rings and/or rotary unions in order to transmit the necessary electrical power for motors or simply the corresponding optical transmission  peripherals or even air and other fluids.

The Fiber Optic Rotary Joints offered by PES S.A. are completely designed, manufactured and tested by Princetel, Inc.

Fiber Optic Rotary Joint picture