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Our products are useless if they cannot suit your industrial applications. In today's world, many industrial applications have to be analyzed under the "system engineering" scope.  

Indeed, many line builders, system integrators, or special machines OEM's have to assemble many components together ensuring the proper interface compatibility between each of them, and this from the electrical, mechanical, and environmental viewpoints. 

At PES, we have understood that and that is why we always analyze the full scope in order to understand our client's application and propose the right product that will offer the best performances in a specific environment. We can also extend our scope of supply by enhancing the mechanical and electrical interfaces of our standard products in order to offer a ready-to-use sub-system or functional package.

This can be summarized by our added-value equation in the picture attached to this article.

Obviously, this kind of functional package will help to save engineering and installation costs at the customer's side and also will clear a part of risks. This will optimize the Total Cost of Ownership of your industrial application. So do not hesitate to contact us to share as much information as possible about your application to take the maximum benefits from our products.

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