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Despite the high quality of our tool changers' construction, their lifetime is limited (but long, do not worry). And despite they may outlive the initial project they will be used for, they can hardly survive to project/application change or a major technology upgrade.

At PES we have developed a set of services that helps you to get the most from your equipment. From latching mechanism refurbishing or repair to utility module maintenance, repair, and upgrade we can easily provide multiple life to your tool changing equipment.

Our repair center also proposes support for global revamping programs, to help you in your inventory to track what is obsolete or not as an example. 

We have also build a stock of second-hand tool changers that can help customers to get a lower cost but reliable tool changing solutions in some specific cases.

PES aims this way at bringing the circular economy into your automation equipment supply chain! Do not hesitate to reach out to us to get further information.

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