Slip Rings for Wind Turbines

Low Power Wind Turbines

To transfer the energy generated by small size and low voltage wind turbines from the electric generator (aboard the rotating pod) to the land, Slip Rings are the best solution in order to avoid any cable twist while passing through the pylon.

In this way, the pod, located on the top of the pylon that holds it, can freely rotate depending on which way the wind is blowing.

PES offers specifically designed solutions for small turbines.

These are able to transfer power from few hundreds Watts to several dozens of Kilowatt, combining reliability and low-cost technology.

Our offer is made up of three slip rings series :

SVTS A 05 Series 

SVTS B Series 

SVTS E Series 



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The Slip Rings are designed and manufactured by Servotecnica SpA.
Product Engineering Services is the Distributor of Servotecnica Slip Rings for the territory of Belgium and France.