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Slip Ring| 24 circuits |SVTS A 02-S-X-00-24

Compact, cost-effective, O.D. 15.5 mm, 24 circuits

Slip ring specially suited to transmit critical signals, such as hi frequency and data rate, low current and voltages (strain gauges, thermocouples, measuring equipment, etc.)

These units are available offers 24 electrical circuits while keeping a compact size Due to their small ring diameter, the SVTS A 01 series grants low peripheral speed between bushes and rings, as well as reduced dynamic imbalance that means very low wear and long life. Thanks to the small ring diameter they can transmit high frequency signals such as video.


  • Ideal for video, high frequency signals
  • High data rate
  • Gold alloy rings and brushes
  • Low friction torque
  • High lifetime and reliability
  • Combinable with fluidic rotary joints and FORJ
  • Compliant to CE and ROHS


  • Optimal signal transmission (gold-gold technology)
  • Cost-effective

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SVTS A 02-S-X-00-24
Circuits24 x 1A
Outside Diameter15.00 mm
Overall Length (L)34.00 mm
Protection ratingIP 51
Data Transfert<=100Mbit/s
MountingFlange / Capsule

Mechanical features

Nominal speed0-250 rpm
Temperature range-20°C to +80°C (-40°C as option)
Contactgold-gold (alloy)
BearingsMiniature high-precision stainless steel ball bearings

Electrical features

Voltage240 VDC/VAC
CablesSilver plated / PTFE insulated / colour coded
Cables length250 mm standard (other length on request)
Dielectric voltage strength500VAC @ 60Hz @ 60 sec
Insulation resistance>500MOhm/500VDC
Dynamic contact resistance<10mOhm @ 6VDC and 500mA (@ 5rpm)
Expected lifetime107 revolutions (depending on speed, environmetal conditions and size)


  • Cables
  • Materials
  • Mechanical design
  • Flange

Notice :The provided technical data are the higher limits recommended in static condition. To obtain the correct dimensioning of the product, it is necessary to hold account of all the applicable dynamic forces, including the inertia of the manipulator, the configuration of the tools and the external forces applied.

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